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Name:Podfic Pool
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:Podfic recs. Podfic searches. All flavors welcome.

Podfic recs. Podfic searches.
All flavors welcome.

You can also visit our mirror community on Livejournal.

Why this community?

This user info is mostly about the rules for posting and tags and stuff, but you should get the gist of the idea. For a more rambly answer to the questions "Why?" and "What for?", you can go to the introduction post.

Uh, what's podfic?

If that's your first question, you should probably go here first and read what [personal profile] general_jinjur wrote on the matter of podfic in [ profile] newbieguide.

What can I post here?

Podfic recs
  • as single recs
  • as (themed) rec lists

Podfic searches
  • for podfics of a certain genre
  • for a specific podfic

I have a rec list set up elsewhere. Can I contribute these recs?

You can either have your rec list or rec journal added to the Masterlist of Podfic Rec Lists here.

Or, if your list isn't too long and the number of tags is manageable, you can post a link to your rec list on this community and tag the post according to the fandoms, pairings, readers etc. you included in your recs.

Option number three would be to re-post the recs on this community, which you are also free to do.

Are there any rules for posting?

Well, yeah. The obvious, mostly.

For recs:
Include all necessary information (not necessarily in this form or order):

Length (in hours or minutes)
File type

Don't forget to tell everyone just what it is that makes this podfic you're recommending so awesome.
Also, tag your post.

For searches:
Freestyle. But with tags, please.

On the matter of tags

Use them. There are tags for:

  • "fandom: xy" or "fandom: xy rpf" as specific fandom tags
  • "fandom: crossover" for podfics of that nature
  • "fandom: multi" for general searches

  • "pairing: x/y" for specific pairings
  • "pairing: gen" for podfic with no pairing
  • "pairing: slash" and "pairing: het" for use with genre searches

Type (of post)
  • "type: rec" for single recs and rec lists
  • "type: themed" as additional tag for themed rec lists
  • "type: search for genre" for your general genre searches
  • "type: specific search" for when you're searching for a specific podfic

  • "reader: xy"

  • "reccer: xy"

Theme (when applicable)
  • "theme: xy"

Tags are created by the mod and added after the fact, if they don't exist yet. Use the "!tag needed" tag to label a post that misses one or more tags.

Examples for tagging

Say you're posting a single rec, then you tag this with:
type: rec, fandom: a, pairing: x/y, reader: 1, reccer: you

If you're posting a mutlifandom rec list of three podfics that center around Christmas, you tag this with (provided all the tags exist already):
type: rec, type: themed
fandom: a, fandom: b, fandom: c
pairing: v/w, pairing: x/y, pairing: gen
reader: 1, reader: 2, reader: 3
reccer: you
theme: christmas

If you're posting a search for, say, any podfic that revolves around gen sibling relationships, you tag your post with:
type: search for genre, fandom: multi, pairing: gen, theme: sibling relationship

And just so we're clear on that…

This is NOT the place to:
  • ask around for someone to record your favorite fic.
  • post your podfic recording. There are places for that; multifandom places like [community profile] amplificathon, or fandom-specific communities, a number of which (on LJ) you can also find in the podfic newbieguide.
It goes without saying that (n)etiquette is a great thing, and that rudeness of any form will not be tolerated here.

And finally: The cut is your friend

Hide longish posts behind a cut. Same goes for possible spoilers. Find out how to produce a cut here.

How can I reach the mod?

For any questions, comments or suggestions, you can contact her by commenting on the introduction post or any other mod post, or by email via unadrift (at) googlemail (dot) com.

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